Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Love

Allow me the opportunity to introduce the sweetest four-legged fur baby... His name is Buckley and I simply adore him!
It's bittersweet to come to terms with the fact that he will be seven in August. It seems like only a short while ago that we picked him up from the breeder when he was just a little puppy. It is funny to think how little he once was... so small he could crawl under the couch and various tables. Not so much now, but he still tries.

Buckley is our only baby so we take him to Doggy Day Care (DDC) once a week. He LOVES it. He knows when I say, "Do you want to go play today?" Then it is game on! He runs down the stairs and scratches at the door to the garage to get in the car.   The ride can be simply described as me attempting to drive while he goes bananas until he is inside the place with his friends. The highlight of my day is the pick-up and drop-off.  He trots down the hallway, unleashed, knowing where his "classroom" can be found.  The "teachers" provide a report card and photos of his day. Without fail, Buckley is pictured with one of his favorites, a tennis ball.
The tennis ball is his favorite inanimate thing in whole world next to his chicken. If you are going to say "ball" to this guy - be prepared!  Buckley excels as a ball player in that he will always return it to you and go so far as to nudge the ball as close to you as you want it... even right in your hand. He was trained by the best!

When we get home from DDC he is pooped. That's their motto at DDC - "We'll send them home pooped!" He eats his dinner and then it's lights out.

Buckley's best friend is "Chicken". Chicken is an almost cartoon-shaped yellow rubber chicken I found at the local pet store. I thought it would be good because of its relative thickness and durability compared to other toys.  There would be no way he could destroy it and thankfully Chicken is still in one piece.  Indulge me a moment to share an example of Buckley's affection towards Chicken.  Picture him searching the house to get Chicken and returning to our room, jumping on the bed carrying Chicken in his mouth, placing Chicken beside him and finally lying down beside him. Chicken really is his little buddy. It is very sweet and warms my heart. 

That is my little love. Thanks for letting me share!

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