Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mini Vaca - Jupiter Beach Resort

So last weekend we went on a mini vaca up to the Jupiter Beach Resort with some friends.  The husband and I have been in a get healthy mode for the past several months so this was going to be a nice break.  The resort is only about 45 minutes north of us but it is such a different vibe up there.   So much more laid back.  Which I really appreciate.
They were offering a package called Road Trip.  The room rate was decent and the package included a $25 gas gift card and 20% off everything at the resort.  Which we used for beach chairs and breakfast.

The first order of business once we got up there was to eat.  But due to only being 45 minutes away it was really to early to eat.  So we took a little detour and headed over to the Jupiter Lighthouse.  We toured the museum while we waited for our guided tour up to the lighthouse.  The funniest part of this experience was our guide. He was probably 16 or 17 with a fuzz of a mustache.  As he was describing some of the plants that we passed by he described them as erotic with out a blink of the eye  instead of exotic.  Alot of the people in our group caught this.   So for the rest of the tour we made everything erotic.
look at the erotic lighthouse

Next up was lunch.  This was very exciting to us due to the yumminess we were about to experience.  We went to a place call Food Shack.   The food is so amazing.  They have these wonderful ways of preparing  fish.  It really is something to try if you are ever in the area.  I had dolphin that was encrusted with angel hair pasta and parmesan cheese on a bed of lettuce.  SO GOOD!

After lunch we checked into the hotel.  We had a great ocean view room.  We all put on our bathing suits and sunscreen and headed down to the beach/pool.  This is what I was really excited about.  To lay outside with my magazine and just hang out.  It was perfect!  The weather was so nice and the company was great.  After hanging outside we all went up for naps and then got ready for dinner.  We went to another great place called Guanabanas.  The atmosphere is fun.  It is all outside and the landscaping is amazing. 
It was such a nice break from the everyday.  It really was a great mini vaca with great food and friends! 
Here are a few more photos:

view from the beach chair
view from our room balcony

view of the pool from our room

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer - Organizers

Lilly Pulitzer - Organizers

I am excited to make the change over to this organizer.  It runs from August of 2011 to December of 2012.  It has such a cute set up.  The quotes for each month are sweet.  This is the small size so it fits very nicely in my purse. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011



This is the sweater that I got from Old Navy a couple of weekends ago.  I was worried that it might still be to hot to wear.  But it was perfect.  For the fall a long sleeve shirt under it is going to be great!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pippa Bag

Pippa Bag

I had such a wonderful surprise.  I had ordered this back in June as a pre-order for November.   I got the notice in the mail yesterday that it was waiting for me at the post office.  My sweet husband went to pick it up for me this AM as I am out the door before the post office opens.
I am a sucker for seeing celebrities with purses.  I don't know why I have such a love for pricey bags?  I can wear ten dollar shoes and twenty dollar jeans.  But my bags - that is whole other level!
The "Pippa" came onto the scene with Pippa Middleton.  She has been spotted with all the colors.  I  really like the burnt orange color but thought the shark color was something that I did not have. And I do have an orange bag.  And if I was going to make the purchase it should be something completely different.
Know this purse was a bit of a gamble.  Especially with overseas shipping.  Another blogger had done a great review of her purchase with a video.  This is what really sold it for me.  Also love her blog!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mini Vaca

Untitled #56
We are going on a mini vaca.  When I say mini, the hotel is about forty minutes away, we are going up Saturday and coming back Sunday.  So quick trip.  But sure to be a fun one.  Will post about it - stay tuned!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Garnet Hill

I really love Garnet Hill.  My issue with ordering from them is they never have free shipping.  I had been eyeing this cardigan for a while.  I love the orange background and all the colors from the flowers.  Well, of course they had to offer free shipping on sweaters.  So I decided this was my only chance.  I am excited to see it in real life.  Or as I have learned in blog world - IRL.
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